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Everyone seems to be doing their own dating tips for everyone it seems, maybe I should do my own few to help others.

*gets datapad to write things down*

Oh that’s right I have been on a date, so how can I give tips.

chosentorule asked: "Entertain me, Autobot."

| Don't bother talking to me 'Con, just no, I wouldn't spend a moment do anything for you, if we were looking at it really, I believe it would be you entertaining me, not the other way around. |



«What the frag do you want.»

| What even made you think that I automatically wanted something from you? |


"Wait-what really?" Rodimus stared at the black and white bot, optic widening slightly. He honestly hadn’t been expecting that, presuming that Prowl would have plenty of bots chasing him. But Prowl was right, in someways that was a reassuring thing to have in common. "Huh…and I agree by the way, I don’t think its a bad thing either. I mean, at least we know where the other is coming from right? Puts us on equal ground." 

"I’d like that, a lot." Primus that smile- no Rodimus, no getting distracted. "Oh? Can I hear it?" his optic lit up, "I don’t really have any ideas of my own in mind, so I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with." And now Prowl was relaxing to. This was a good thing, a good sign, he was sure of it.

"Yes, I can’t honestly say I have never been with anyone is a committed relationship with anyone, and this….this would be my first if we can work out together, so we can understand each other, it might be a little difficult starting out but I am sure it is quite easy to be able to pick up on what to do with each other, can”t be to hard to think of things. Our equal grounds might make it awkward but I am sure we can make do and we can both enjoy this and make this work."

"Well….the one thing I would have thought was if we went to Drift’s, might not be the most romantic thing you could do, but other wise, I am stuck on what else we could do….have a few drinks  have a little to eat as well….what else could you want….would that sort of thing be okay with you…..and maybe followed with a little surprise later…." he finished with a small teasing smile across his faceplate, honestly Prowl wasn’t the best at making a moment romantic and when it came to it, Swerve’s was the only place he could thin of, might not be amazing but it was a place he knew about and could work out nicely for both of them.


Okay. Time to be really honest here. No freaking out - well, not too much freaking out.

"I am, I promise. It’s just- well it been a really long time since anyone’s showed any kind of interest in me. I sorta had to stop thinking about that when everything at home started to flare up. I suppose you could say I’m really out of practice, and having some bot actually like me is…well considering its you, amazing."

"But, that said, I’d love to repeat last time any time you want, and I’d love to get to know you better." Rodimus smiled at the enforcer, finally relaxing enough for it to look natural again. 

He wasn’t really sure what all that about his alternate was supposed to mean, but if he didn’t think it was worth talking about, he trusted his judgement and let it drop.

"Well I guess both of us are in the same boat with this Rodimus, I don’t even remember the last time I ever had someone I could have a good relationship in this sort of manner, and to shown an interest towards me. It is awkward because I thought the exact same of you, and why exactly you thought that of me, but I couldn’t admit it, but now you have we seem to be the same here, which I don’t know whether that is a good thing or bad thing, it can’t be to bad thought, I think."

"Now….that seems a good idea already, make it a nice, romantic, and then we can find out more about each other, I have an idea already of where we could go together, but if you wanted to choose I am up for some suggestions Rodimus." Prowl himself seeing the red mech calming himself down, in turn helping him to loosen up himself, smiling back at the other mech in his acknowledgement and allowing him to keep his cool, when addressing the other mech. 


Can somebody please write me something about some huge ‘con touching Prowl’s shiny tits and torso and Prowl being very embarrassed and angry about it because that’s all i ever wanted to read about Prowl.


Can somebody please write me something about some huge ‘con touching Prowl’s shiny tits and torso and Prowl being very embarrassed and angry about it because that’s all i ever wanted to read about Prowl.

captainrodimus asked: "{{ He won't rip off your doorwings, I won't let him. Just, uh, disregard whatever you heard. Marital problems. You and my alternate might experience them at some point. }}"

{{Are you sure you are okay with me dating one of your alternate’s, I mean you aren’t offended by it in any way are you?}}


{{But thanks for the reassurance, of course we are going to see our share of problems everyone does, some maybe more than others, just look at us, but I am enjoying the fact that both me and you seem to be getting along for a change instead of fighting, don’t know what you think of it, but that is what I think.}}


How in Primus name did Prowl find this?! He thought he deleted it, the stupid datapad must’ve sent it! Oh Primus, oh Prim- Wait, did Prowl just-

"Y-You do?" For a full minute Rodimus just stood there, optics wide as he tried to process all that. He’d made himself so certain that everything was in his head, that actually hearing that Prowl liked him completely threw him off.

"I-I’m really glad you had a good time too," now Rodimus had to try not to make himself look like an idiot. Which meant no squealing - he could squeal later. He settled for a delighted grin, optic bright and spoiler fluttering with excitement, because that was really as calm as he was gonna get. "And whatever goes on between you two is your business, but I’m glad you guys are talking." 

And then within two seconds he almost went back to panic again. Different? Was he some kind of weird Rodimus? He really didn’t want to be weird or…well weird. But Prowl said he liked that? Maybe? That was something to think about later though.

"Of course I do, I wouldn’t have said it otherwise, would I?" he said falteringly, hearing the other so hesitant in his answer, and taking a moment to answer him back, it added more awkwardness to his words, and almost culpable for enhancing their relationship.

"Rodimus, are you sure you would be okay with it, to me you don’t seem to be be entirely sure of it, I am not sure, I just had a great time the last time we were with each other, and I just want to have more chances to witness that for myself, you seem a great bot, and respectful and I like that in you."

"For your alternate don’t worry about it anymore, I won’t mention it again, I don’t want to bore you with details, and it isn’t something you need to hear at this moment in time, so just forget about it as best you can, I’m not with him, I’m with you, so that is the one I’ll care about."

Anonymous asked: "Dear doughnut"

Dear doughnuts

Why do you have to taste so good!

Lots of Love (your biggest fan)


Prowl Autobot Law Enforcer

Anonymous asked: "Dear person I love..."



Dear prowlofpraxus,
Hey! I had a really good time the other day. We should totally meet up again sometime when your free an

Thanks for the messages before, they really cheered me up. Sometimes I

I was wonde

Did you know that when your door wings twitch it’s really cute! Like - no that sounds weird

Hi Prowl. So I figured I’d level with you so we know where we stand. I really like you, and if you don’t feel the same way I totally get it - doesn’t seem like you like my alternate all that much, so yeah. But yeah, I’d like to hang out with you some more if you want to.

Nope that still sound fragging weird. Uh why is this so complicated?! I don’t remember it being this hard before.

…Frag this_


"Rodimus, stop thinking so hard, a just say what comes to you, but of course though, I had a great time, and I would love to see you more."

"As for your alternate we are on talking terms, we just don’t see optic to optic, but for some reason you are just the complete opposite and I really don’t see how that is, and yes I feel the same way about you."

Anonymous asked: "Dear Drift's aft,"

Dear Drift,

I know you are the other bot with Rodimus at my Law enforcement lessons, it isn’t to hard to guess, when you look in after wards when I am looking, maybe think next time.

And please would you just stop, but anyway, your aft is far inferior to Rodimus’ anyway, you haven’t got it, so just don’t bother, at least he has a some what reasonable looking plating, you on the other hand, you do not.

Yours sincerely 


Prowl Autobot Law Enforcer


Cute canon IDW Transformers things: 

  • Platonic life partners 
  • Robot marriages
  • Baby Cybertronians are born and grown in fields like literal cabbage patch babies
  • Cybertronians giving their sick friends/loved ones tiny vials of the only fluid in their body that’s unique and irreplaceable 
  • Each of them have a unique transformation sound 
  • They have a festival to recognise and remember the dead which involves small glowing orbs
  • They have a whole language that is just robot handsies 

Anonymous asked: "Dear person I had a crush on"

Dear person I had a crush on,

I am glad that I didn’t continue to carry on with pursuit of your love, without you I have found myself in a much better position than I ever would have though about, having you along would have just hindered progression for me.

Yours sincerely 

Prowl Autobot Law Enforcer

Anonymous asked: "Dear Rodimus' aft"

Dear Rodimus…. aft,

Please Rodimus will you stop putting your aft against the window behind me when I am trying to teach my law enforcer class, they need to learn the basics, and seeing your aft over my shoulder isn’t helping them, nor will it ever, please do that in your own time, not during mine. Thank you.

Yours sincerely 


Prowl Autobot Law Enforcer

maskedcutey asked: "Dear Santa,"

Dear Santa,

You don’t exist, so would you please stop messing with younger bots processors, and just let them understand the true meaning instead of a fictional character having to ruin the occasion.



Prowl Autobot Law Enforcer